Erosion Control
Training & Certification

001 Erosion Control offers comprehensive training and certification courses designed to teach critical techniques in erosion and sediment control. Through the expert instruction of Dan DeWiest, inspectors receive extensive training in proper documentation and compliance.

Your Instructor: Dan DeWiest

I began working on this program back in 1993. This was a newly created position. When I read the job qualifications, it looked tailor made for me. It required a background in construction, teaching, permitting and inspection. I spent over a year traveling all over Florida to assess the status and needs of the program. I then gathered information from a wide variety of sources, and added some original material of my own. We put the manual out for peer review and made some refinements. We then conducted some trial classes and learned from some of the best. We started to conduct our first certification classes in late 1997. I hold Inspector Certificate #001 and Instructor Certificate #001. Thus the name 001 Erosion Control. While at FDEP I conducted over 30 classes, certifying over 1500 inspectors. Since leaving FDEP in 2001 I have continued to conduct classes, and have surpassed 100 classes with several thousand inspectors certified. One of my favorite compliments is that I make a dull subject seem interesting, with just enough real life stories to make it relevant.

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To receive our military discount, please contact Linda Lager at (334) 648-2883 or 001erosioncontrol@gmail.com for further details.

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    Due to the fact that we use a third party billing service, we cannot offer a monetary refund once payment is made. We offer the opportunity to attend a future class, or to have another employee of your company attend the current or any future class.

The Facility

Quality Inn & Conference Center

The facility is conveniently located on East 23rd Street, one block from US 231. The conference center is a separate building behind the main hotel with ample parking.

Rooms are available. Call (850) 769-6969 for more information.